Flow Template: Re-engage Expired Trials

While a trial period is an excellent way to get subscribers to experience the benefits of your product, some trial users need to be re-engaged manually when their trials expire and they haven't converted to premium plans. Here's another flow template that we created for you to re-engage expired trials. Watch this video to learn more:

Overview and Triggers

This flow template has two Stripe triggers - Trial Started and Activated Subscription, which will lead to two separate flows organized into a single flow. One will be used to manually re-engage expired trial users while the other will be used when they convert to a paid subscription.

For these triggers to work, link your Stripe account with Encharge on the Apps page and map the appropriate fields.

Re-engage Expired Trial Users Manually with a Flow

The Trial Started trigger will automatically start the flow for trial users when they sign up. Connect it to a Wait step and, depending on the duration of your trial period, set it to the number of days your subscribers need to wait before moving to the filters of the flow. In this example, we set it to14 days since our trial period lasts for 14 days.

After the Wait step, add the Check Field filter to the flow which will check if the users upgraded after the trial period. This will be possible by mapping the Stripe Subscription Status field in the trigger.

In the Check Field filter, set it to check the Stripe Status field if it is "not active" as shown below:

If the field is "not active", it means that the user is not a premium Stripe account and they will continue to the next step of the sequence which is the Change Field action step. This step will be used to change the Re-engage Manually field to "True". This is a custom field that you can create in your account to indicate when you need to re-engage the person manually after the trial expires. Moreover, you can also create a segment of the users that need to be manually re-engaged using the Re-engage Manually field as the condition, and re-engage with them via call or email.

Simultaneously, you can also add them to a Facebook audience using the Add to Facebook Audience action step that will also be connected to the Check Field filter.

Next, add another Wait step to give your users time to respond to your email, then connect it to another Check Field filter. Use this filter to check the Responded to Manual Reengagement field which is another custom field that you create. If the value is "false", send them another automated email via the Send Email step.

Add Users to a Facebook Audience when they become Premium Subscribers

As mentioned above, this flow template consists of two flows. The second flow of this flow template will ensure that you will not send the same Facebook ads to your expired trials and to your premium subscribers. 

In this flow, you will be using the Stripe Activated Subscription trigger which will automatically kick in when a user subscribes to your premium plan in Stripe. Simply connect this trigger to the Remove from Facebook Audience action and make sure that you select the same audience in this step.

You can copy this flow to your account using this shareable link: Re-engage Expired Trials - Share Link

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